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Out of all of the elements that make up your home’s exterior, your siding is likely the one that is taken for granted the most! Most homeowners will view their siding as merely a decorative piece, but the truth is that siding is much more important than that. Not only does it play a significant role in determining your property value, but it also can add another layer of protection against the harshest of Texas weather conditions! Properly installed siding can also add a layer of energy efficiency to your home, decreasing your monthly energy bill costs as a result.

Ethos Contracting can install a variety of different types of siding from some of the country’s leading manufacturers. We believe that every siding job is a custom job, and we’ll use our years of experience to successfully take on challenging siding installations that most local contractors would balk at. Check out some of the siding manufacturers we can install on your home!

cement siding

Cement Board Siding

If you think siding that contains cement would be very durable, then you’d be right. Hardie Board siding is extremely strong and can handle all sorts of objects and elements thrown its way and you can once again get any custom color for your home.

composit siding

Composite Siding

Also known as engineered wood siding, composite siding is made of wood fibers which are compressed and bonded together with exterior-grade resins. This produces a material stronger than natural wood. It's a more convincing wood siding alternative, and also less expensive.

vinyl siding

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a fairly popular choice for homes for a few reasons. First, everyone is fairly familiar with vinyl siding. Because of this, it makes for a safe choice for homeowners because they are already knowledgeable about the product. In addition, it is also one of the most affordable types of siding, as it is an economic option. However, this does make it not as durable as some of the other siding options available. But, it does come with a wide range of colors, which is another reason people are drawn to it. 

All in all, vinyl siding will get the job done, but it is more likely to succumb to damage by hail, baseballs, and other objects flying through the sky.

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